Firefox 16 Launches With Safari-Like Reader Mode On Android, New Developer Tools On Desktop


Mozilla is launching Firefox 16 today. While this version of the browser only introduces a few new features for consumers, developers can look forward to using Firefox’s new Developer Command Line. The Command Line, says the Firefox team, “provides easy keyboard control over Firefox Developer Tools and is intuitive, completing commands and parameters for you.”

In addition to this, the latest stable release of Firefox includes a boatload of other developer-oriented features, including CSS3 Animations, Transitions, Transforms, Image Values, IndexedDB and Values and Units. In addition, Firefox 16 gives developers access to the Battery API, which enables them to see a mobile devices’ battery status, as well as the Vibration API. Both are currently making their way through the W3C standardization process.

For users, the stable release now brings preliminary web app support to Mac, Windows and Linux, as well as initial VoiceOver support for Firefox on…

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