Dissecting The Sony Nexus X, The Fake That Launched A Thousand Stories


So hey, remember that Sony Nexus X image that made the rounds earlier this week? The one that more than a few commentors called a hoax after I ran a story about it? Well, the skeptics among you were right — creator of the faux-Nexus came forward not long ago with a tell-all Tumblr spelling out what he did and (more importantly) how he did it.

In short, the so-called Nexus X was actually a smartly-crafted render created by Vermont-based video/graphic artist (and music startup buff) Ti Kawamoto, who cobbled it together and threw it online in seven and a half hours. This was no rushed Photoshop job — the faux-Nexus render was peppered with components and design flourishes from plenty of existing hardware (the pogo pins came from early Nexus phones, the speaker design was lifted from the Xperia ion, the list goes on).

And Kawamoto’s motives for the…

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