The Backlash Continues: Zuck’s Sis Doesn’t Seem To Like The Instagram Changes Either


If you haven’t heard by now, yesterday Instagramannounced an update to its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy that’s set to go into effect next month. Instagram was acquired by Facebook earlier this year for a $1 billion sale price, and the new ToS is ostensibly meant to make the photo-sharing app integrate better with the social networking giant.

The most notable thing about the new terms is that Instagram will reserve the right to sell access to its users’ photos to companies that want to use them in advertisements such as sponsored posts — without needing users’ knowledge or consent, or of course, giving them a share of the money.

If this sounds like a bum deal to you, you’re in good company. It looks like even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s sister isn’t so keen on the changes.

Today, Arielle Zuckerbergpublicly “liked” an Instagram photo from…

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