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Apple closes at new high of $648 on rumors of iPad mini, Apple TV

stock surged upward before reaching an all time closing of $ 648, boosted by continued of both a smaller and a new TV capable of presenting live broadcasts.

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Ditch the iPhone for an Ice Cream Sandwich phone?

Ditch the iPhone for an Ice Cream Sandwich phone?

In this edition of Ask Maggie I offer some advice to a reader who is considering replacing his iPhone with either the Samsung Galaxy S III or the HTC One X. I also offer some advice about waiting for the new BlackBerry 10 phones.
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Apple testing Remote Desktop 3.6 with IPv6, new reporting attributes

Apple testing Remote Desktop 3.6 with IPv6, new reporting attributes.

Apple released a new developer preview of its Remote Desktop management software on Friday, bringing support for the IPv6 protocol and a host of new items available for fault reporting.

The Apple Remote Desktop 3.61 “Build 360A16” beta is required for compatibility with Macs running the upcoming OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and boasts the same features seen when it was originally released alongside the first developer preview of the new operating system.

Fixed from previous betas are screen control issues with NVIDIA graphics cards and OS X Mountain Lion, as well as reliability improvements when copying a duplicate item to and from a client. Certain tasks are now functional in the new build like “copy to computer,” “create client installer,” “upgrade client” and “chat,” among others.


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