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Velox 3G Android 2.3 Smartphone with 4.3 Inch HD Touchscreen

New Velox 3G Android 2.3 Smartphone: offering you the best mobile phone experience ever with the latest high power MTK6575 chipset, the first spectacular 540×960 HD touchscreen from China, and a dazzling array of features. 

All new MTK6575 Chipset – more powerful than ever: The new MTK6575 Chipset is the latest launched by MTK in February. With a 1GHz ARM CortexTM‐A9 processer, the MT6575 offers over 35% improvement for browser applications and over 20% improvement in graphics capabilities for gaming when compared to competitors’ best offerings in these segments. Translation: the Velox with MTK6575 chipset offers you the best internet and gaming experience among Smartphones from China.

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20,000mAh High Capacity Solar Charger and Battery

High Capacity Solar Charger and Battery – the perfect green tech gadget for the modern traveler. With a powerful 20,000 mAH battery and 31 unique adapter tips, this solar charger will power and charge just about any portable electronic device.

Never carry around multiple power cables and adapters again! This one Solar Charger and Battery includes 31 unique adapter tips that will both power and recharge almost any portable electronic device and is extremely easy to use: Just set the battery voltage, find your adapter tip, and connect! For even more convenience, the adapters are also quick-switch and interchangeable, meaning you can start recharging your laptop immediately after you finish charging your MP3 player!

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Sony Benchmarks a Mysterious Tegra 3 Powered ICS Tablet

At a recent NenaMark benchmark session, Sony was spotted testing a Tegra 3 powered tablet which they have codenamed V150. Perhaps this is the response from Sony after getting much criticism for not having a powerful device lined up at last month’s Mobile World Congress?
We got to know about this mysterious Sony V150 tablet through a Japanese tech blog called Ambelo. Through them, we were able to spot the device on the listings of the NenaMark 1, which is actually an OpenGL-ES 2.0 graphics performance benchmark. Based on the results from the event, the mysterious device had a similar 1280x752p WXGA resolution as the Tablet S. The Tegra 3 device was also seen running Ice Cream Sandwich. The device was only benchmarked once and had a score of 59.7 FPS; almost the same score that the Samsung Galaxy S II received for its performance.