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Neptune Pine straps a smartwatch to wrists from next month | Gadget Rumours

Neptune Pine straps a smartwatch to wrists from next month
When we covered the Neptune Pine watch earlier this year, our first thought was that it looked like the smartwatch that tech lovers have been waiting for. That was immediately followed by a second thought – is this set of rough renderings ever going to …

Neptune Pine straps a smartwatch to wrists from next month | Gadget Rumours.

foxL v2 Bluetooth Soundbar

foxL v2 Bluetooth Soundbar 

Everybody wants their music on the road, but spending all day with headphones in your ears isn’t always the best idea. Even the most comfortable earbuds will make your head hurt, and even those don’t always have a microphone just in case your phone, everybody’s favorite choice for a media player, starts ringing and you have to take a call. Maybe you’re a more social music listener, and enjoy sharing your tunes with your friends. Those tiny pushpin-size speakers in your iPhone don’t really do your music justice, and you’re not exactly thrilled with the idea of lugging one of those docking boomboxes around, or having to pull out a tangle of cables just to plug into an amplifier. Physicist, NASA engineer, and well known audio design legend, Dr. Godehard Guenther, took all of those problems to heart and designed the Foxl V2 Bluetooth Soundbar. Battery powered, and portable, the Soundbar fits in your pocket or backpack, and puts out blisteringly great sound. You’ll be shocked at just how loud it gets, and yet how clear the sound is! What’s more, it’s Bluetooth enabled, so pairing your iPhone, iPad or Android device is easy and you can enjoy all your music wirelessly for up to 12 solid hours. Did we mention that the sound is incredible? We know, you’ll have to take our word for it that everybody at ThinkGeek HQ was blown away by the crisp highs, tight mids, and thumpy lows we got out of such a little device.

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Mobile Phone Watch ‘Panther’ – Quad Band GSM, Touchscreen, Keypad


The Panther Touchscreen Mobile Phone Watch with Keypad is here to help make your life easier. Wear it on your wrist to instantly make phone calls and easily send text messages with the built-in keypad.

An Impressive Feature Set
The Panther watch phone comes with plenty of features to make both your mobile communications easy, such as worldwide quad band GSM connectivity, a colorful 1.3 inch touch screen to navigate, Bluetooth support with earset included, and much more. A 2GB micro SD card is also included for you to load up songs and videos for playback directly on your watch phone.

Easiest Watch Phone Ever
When it comes to ease of use the Panther is king. This is because Panther comes with a built in keypad that makes dialing and answering phone calls easier than ever. The buttons are nicely spaced and easy to press, yet they blend in well and add to the over all design of the Panther rather than take anything away. The touchscreen is also surprisingly easy to navigate and can be controlled even without the use of the built in stylus. If a practical and easy to use watch phone is what you’re after, then the Panther is sure to satisfy.

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2.5 Inch LCD Monitor (CCTV Testing Kit)

2.5 Inch LCD Monitor (CCTV Testing Kit) - Gadget Shop 4u

2.5 inch LCD monitor for CCTV camera installation and testing! When you need a way to instantly check for video performance, view angle, and focus of a security camera, this LCD monitor is it!

You can now test all CCTV cameras with this portable 2.5 inch LCD monitor that is specifically designed for testing video feeds and video quality when installing CCTV cameras. This 2.5′ TFT LCD monitor is small and lightweight enough that you can carry it everywhere for instant video display. To make life even easier, this LCD Monitor comes with a portable carrying arm/wrist strap, so that both your hands are free while you’re up the ladder doing what you do best.

At a Glance…

  • 2.5 Inch TFT LCD monitor
  • Made for testing CCTV cameras
  • Zero-radiation test monitor
  • User-friendly operation interface

Read more technical specification from here

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Pogoplug Multimedia Sharing Device – Gadget Shop 4u | Gadget Shop 4u

Pogoplug sharing lets you access and share content over the Internet. It is similar to an external hard drive; simply load all your files (music, videos, photos, etc.) onto the Pogoplug, connect it to your computer and, voila, you’re done. Installing the Pogoplug onto your computer is as easy as connecting two cables. You can easily share videos, photos, etc. with friends and family by simply sending an invitation through an automated email link. The Pogoplug also lets you stream videos, music and photos directly to your iPhone , BlackBerry , Droid and other mobile devices.

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Wooden Tangram Puzzle Toys Hobbies with Solution

Description:This is a stunning T that you will be hard to find anywhere else in the world!!!The goal is to make of these four pieces a symmetric capital T. You’re allowed to rotate the pieces as you wish and even turn them over, but they must not overlap each other in the final letter.New challenge for the people who like to play Brain Teaser PuzzlesQuality of the Puzzles is outstanding and is almost impossible to understand until you actually touch and feel each puzzleGreat fun for all the family, keeps the kids busy for hours. Makes a wonderful gift for that someone special.Collectors, if you want a unique puzzle that will astound your friends, this is it.This Puzzles is brand new and in excellent conditionDimension: ~92 x 10 x 14mmWeight: 57g

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